What is Wild Side Cocktails?

Wild Side Cocktails is an independent mobile bar service specialising in original, classic, and custom cocktails.

We can mix together drinks to suit any occassion, and if you want non-alcoholic alternatives, we have our own range of Mocktails to pick from!

If you want to find out more about having us at an event, you can contact us here.

Founded in August 2023, Wild Side Cocktails is a premium mobile cocktail bar service specialising in original, class, and custom cocktails and mocktails.

Whatever the event, we can provide the perfect drinks to suit the occasion.

Wild Side Cocktails was created by owner Simon Craggs - an avid mixologist with over a decade's experience in bartending and cocktail-making. Simon wanted to provide a high-quality, professional service that can add colour, flavour, and beautiful drinks to customers.

As a business, Wild Side is dedicated to helping the environment, and although we're starting small, we're aiming high! To begin with, we're using reusable branded cups, bamboo straws, and biodegrable sanitation equipment. Eventually, we are aiming to actively reduce litter in local areas, and work with conservation charities to help maintain the beauty of our country's forests and wildlife.

So, whether you're planning a business event, hosting a garden party, or want your favourite cocktails available on your wedding day, choosing Wild Side Cocktails will be helping towards this goal, as well as helping to make a good time great!

If you'd like a quote for an event you're planning, or have any questions about our services, you can contact us here.

It can all start with a drink...so let's get Wild!

Our custom-made cups are sturdy, reusable, and good for both the environment and our customers! Bring your cup back next time you order and get a pound off your drinks!

If you want to find out more about Wild Side Cocktails and what we aim to do to help the environment, feel free to click here.

Your Day, Your Way

With over a decade's experience in Mixology, Wild Side can custom-make both alcoholic and non-alcoholic cocktails to fit any occasion. If you want your drinks to match a colour-scheme, or fancy a non-alcoholic version of your favourite cocktail, just let us know and we'll make it happen!


Yes, our reusable branded cups are fantastic, but if you're hosting a private event and would prefer to have your drinks served in specific glassware, we can definitely accomodate your needs. Martinis are usually more enjoyable when drank from Martini glasses after all!

Green is Good

Here at Wild Side Cocktails, we want to be a business that gives back to the world by playing an active part in environmental health. To start, we recycle everything we use, from cans and bottles, to leftover fruit and other biodegradable waste. Secondly, we have our beautifully-branded reusable cups, reducing plastic waste, and providing our customers with a discount for returning their cups when they next order.

On top of all this, we are about to start a litter-picking program in South Wales, cleaning up the local streets, parks, and woodlands, in order to make a positive change for our country - aside from mixing up incredible drinks! If you'd like to find out more about our mission, or would like to book us for an event, please feel free to contact us.